Feb. 1, 2018 Update


Amazing time participating in a Chicago Tiny House fundraiser this past Friday


then doing a Cigarbox Guitar Workshop at Nitelight Arts Center, Berwyn last Saturday!


A little apprehensive prior to building… a LOT of smiles after!


Help for homeless veterans and others is part of the need we seek to meet in the one event, the simple pleasure of building, re-purposing and learning to make music on simple instruments with a bit of guitar/blues history for good measure at the other gathering.

Both were well attended and both were a gift to me personally. I have some great friends and both situations made me proud to know and hang out with ’em!


So Wendi has begun her pre-surgery training workout sessions, me helping. For the next two weeks as she will excercise in a pool and with various machines and via a track all preparing for a full knee replacement February 13.

The week before she will not be able to take her daily arthritis meds. so you can imagine the pain will begin then. Both her hip replacements went very well and she rehabbed like a champ. I was “a deer in the headlights” the first time, better the second and I really need grace to be the nurse I don’t come by naturally, for this operation! I so love her, I just don’t always have a clue what to do, so communication can be tough when great pain is involved.

We have a sweet friend who will be helping out so I can get breaks and mainly, sleep here and there. For me lack of sleep is the most difficult part after of course, my poor girl in serious pain. Thank you SO much for prayers!


As I’m about to focus on helping Wendi I won’t be doing my usual jail/prison sessions, typical shows nor have time to record the upcoming project I’ve mentioned until May. My first gig is in Minn.-St. Paul area May 5th, so a few weeks prior we will promote that and other shows each month. I have a great many dates set from May clear to near Christmas and a number of requests pending, but hope to record in between tour dates, that is, when Wendi is truly healed up and can spare me.

Lastly, I’ve worked off and on writing a small book. I still have some writing and re-writing to do, and decisions on how, where and finally when to offer it but hopefully sometime this year I can finish and then publicize it’s release. Meanwhile I’ve some 45 blog posts in various stages of finished or close to it. Little by little even over the next months of helping Wendi rehab from her operation I’ll pop many of those along with fresh bits here on my site.

As always, thanks for stopping by:) -Glenn

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