As we get closer to my wife’s knee replacement mid-February we recognized the need to clean, toss stuff out (easy to collect stuff you’ll honestly never use again!) and organize to make it easier for her to get in and out of bed (eventually, after surgery), get the right recliner and other chairs in place, re-arrange things as needed.

Meanwhile I’d been meaning to get my office and cigarbox guitar making stuff, tools and music gear better organized. So I’ve been going from room to room making trips to the dumpster and sorting, putting stuff in good order.

Sort of a wintertime “spring clean” if you will. A lot of work but so satisfying when finished, really great to have clean space!

A couple nights ago myself and a number of longtime friends gathered with family members to celebrate the home-going of a Mom, Grandmother, sister and friend. The church was full, stories, poems, songs, scripture and prayers shared. It seems she left nothing behind to “clean up” and went to Jesus peacefully. THAT is a gift as well as a choice.

Every communion (“Lord’s Supper”) service we pause, reflect, pray, seek to get our life in order, do a bit of cleanup with the Lord before receiving the elements. We ask forgiveness for any known sin in our life and trust God to forgiven us and organize us afresh.

Several nights ago I did a one-man mop of our main kitchen after hours. I thought about the importance of being thorough regardless that nobody was there to notice and no matter how long it took. Why? The place belongs to Him and if He were standing there in the flesh I would take great care and not simply blow through the work.

The message in all this is of course, obvious.

The roads were dirty and dusty where Jesus walked in Israel so foot-washing was a custom observed (which He mentioned several times in the Gospels) regularly, especially as people wore sandals and traveled by foot a great deal.

All of us walk in a messy, stained world and sometimes choose paths that take us right through mud.

Cleanup is a gift regardless of the work involved!

Things to think about along the journey 🙂

As always, thanks for stopping by. -Glenn


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