Jesus Shrugged?

There is one character element in the life of Jesus I’ve never seen anywhere in the Gospels:

Apathy. Un-caring.

And with no malice towards Texans as such, “This here’s Texas -you on your own!” just ain’t in Him.

Ayn Rand (study her writings but by all means, her personal life as well…) and many who (unlike her staunch position of atheism) proclaim what I believe to be a genuine love for the risen Christ often seem to me more Darwinesque in terms of a “survival of the fittest” concept.

I get, believe and seek to truly live out personally live personal responsibility, I talk about it and encourage it all the time as I believe scripture does. BUT, AND, CONSIDER:

Grace? There is no law like judging one’s neighbor and dodging one’s OWN responsibility to love and offer kindness and help to others as a law vs. grace paradigm. Many otherwise loving believers become quite distant, even harsh right at this, their own personal “law” as in- “it’s THEIR issue, not mine”. Love? Grace? They are often in the rear-view mirror when we leave our neighbor in the same spot.

So amongst we imperfect humans with therefore flawed ideologies including political and economic systems theories… when did a concept or theory ever feed anyone? Ever.

The longer I study Jesus’ words in Matthew 25 in His amazing, indeed frightening statement regarding separation of the sheep and goats, the ultra-clear statements of a quite negative judgment re. goats -what form/s does He Himself emphasize regarding actual lived-out love while we walk this earth?

My question to both myself and YOU dear reader, which of these six things are you living out towards those you consider unworthy of them? What concepts and habits have you formed that give you freedom from His words in those verses? The law of Christ is one we had better pay attention to!

Further, to WHOM does He call us to extend those practical acts of love toward?

I say with quite a measure of certainty that the very heart of God in the judgment will be something other than a mere shrug.

I find no fault in Him.

In the Church? Plenty.

If our quest to build personal on-the-planet security takes us farther away rather than more into loving action via those six activities He lists in Mt. 25 we had better pray to God He does not one day look us in the eyes and merely shrug.

To repent is more than a concept. To love is more than a theory. Sow mercy, reap it.

Of course we do have the option to just prejudicially judge and shrug.

I believe it’s always best to wrestle with the text of God -and lose. That’s the only win in eternity.

As always, thanks for stopping by! -Glenn

2 thoughts on “Jesus Shrugged?

  1. “I believe it’s always best to wrestle with the text of God -and lose”
    Words I will never forget. In the world of “me” I often find there is no room for “He”. I study His Word and and it amazes me how easy it is to make It say whatever my prideful self needs it to say.
    As I age in Jesus and (and His Word) I find myself reading It and try to understand it as if I needed to be able to explain it to a 4 year old. When Jesus says “Do” I just need to just shut and do. When He says “Go” just go and when he says “Love” shut my pie hole and LOVE. We need to stop dissecting the Word to make it palatable to our own tastes and desires in this life (and remember the next)
    Blessings to the Brothers and Sisters at JPUSA and prayers for quick recovery to our dear Wendi.

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