The brutal, honest truth is that there are moments a specific desire of mine does not match the desire of God Himself.

Over the years I and others have shared a joke around Apostle Paul’s “I buffet my body daily” with regard to the will of God -thinking in terms of an all-you-can-eat restaurant!

As I’m borderline diabetic I can share the joke but quoting “God has given us all things richly to enjoy” when tempted to eat foods or amounts that could destroy me isn’t the recipe God wrote for me. Yet God gave me the dna I carry (literally) around each day. “God made me this way” ends the matter?

My opening sentence here is no shock to those of you who are professing people of faith. For others, it’s all likely myth, delusion, self-constructed narrative, or at least something of the sort.

Why borders, boundaries, fences if in fact it is freedom we most desire?

Note, I in no way am talking about national “walls”, customs and immigration here but rather the moment-by-moment individual sense of desire, fulfillment, perhaps even purpose we each consider and often yield to.

Many links to and full rejection of people comes down to desires shared or not shared.

Marriages, families, bands, business partners, local congregations, people groups of all sorts ultimately unify or divide over desire.

How to arrive at -what- the desire of God is in any matter?

This of course, is the question for people in relationship with Him. Equally important is the issue of those people who as in any relationship, sometimes butt heads and truly disagree… with one another as well as with God.

This is where direct revelation (“the Spirit told me directly”), appeals to a group of people who “agree with my desire/s”, our own fluid, changing/shifting whims, even our long-term desires. Our search for personal fulfillment may muddy the waters rather than clarify. Am I moving from mud to clear or clean to muck based on my desire?

In 2 Peter chapter 1 there are a few points I think worth considering regarding the desire, that is, the will and mind of God for those seeking to know and follow Him.

My very brief observations:

v2 and 3 grace and peace pile high if/when we in relationship KNOW the risen Jesus as Lord, not as a mere personal desire-Fulfiller and indeed He provides our NEEDS

v19-21 Scripture, the PROCLAMATIONS made there via the prophets is “the SURE Word” (my emphasis) which assures us of His will, HIS DESIRE which at times clearly must over-rule our own

What this means is not that we have no freedom of choice but rather that we must voluntarily seek the One Who relentlessly seeks us -and seek HIS desire fulfillment in regards to our decisions.

He lives His life through us but it’s very clear that while on this earth any of us may live as unyielding “old wineskins” -or- “new wineskins” who cooperate with God working His Own desires in us that will in reality, begin to overtake our own.

Last questions regarding this text:

What does He consider “filled” and does my desire at the moment or even long-term, trump His? Who in that scenario, is my actual god?

No doubt a major issue is interpretation of The Bible, but are my desires brought to the text or are His desires what I seek as I “study to show [myself] approved”? Is it “the word of truth” or merely suggestion?

These are things I think about often. In my blunders, failures, sins and on-going repentance, in my daily relationship to Jesus, my aim is to love and seek Him and His desire.

As always, thanks for stopping by! -Glenn

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