Cigarbox Guitar Building Workshop Berwyn, Illinois!

“Cabin fever” no more! I will lead this workshop Saturday, January 27 beginning promptly at 1pm, finishing up 4-4:30pm @ The Nite Light Cafe and Arts Center 7009 W. Ogden Ave. – Berwyn, IL

Space is limited. Pre-registration is required by Wednesday, January 17th. It’s ESSENTIAL that you Contact 708-788-7009 or e-mail at with your name/s and contact info so I can know the number of kits to bring on the day!

Ages 12-70 are welcome but kids 12-16 must bring an accompanying adult along- and there is no cost for chaperones/parents/grandparents unless they are building a guitar for themselves!

The cost is 25.00 per person OR 15.00 if you bring your own cigarbox, tin box or wooden box suitable as a “body” for the instrument.

We’ll begin the afternoon a short history of these little gits, pass around a number of my own guitars for ideas, and help walk you through building your very own simple 1, 2 or 3 string acoustic (no pickups) acoustic slide guitar. I will also explain how you can add a pickup cheaply if you wish to do so later.

Have a look/listen here for a sense of what I do and what the workshop will be like:

Kits with all parts including strings, slides and picks will be provided and you will mainly need to sand and assemble (most tools provided… see below here***). On completion I will tune each guitar and offer a brief lesson.


—hack saws, hand-held jig saws and/or small hand wood saws, screwdrivers (phillips head)

—1/4″ drill bits, 1/16″ drill bits, appx. 80 grit and appx. 150 grit sandpaper

—shoe polish to stain wood necks if so desired
—clean cloth rags to apply color, buff and/or wipe sawdust
—safety glasses
Hope to see you and as always, thanks for stopping by! -Glenn

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