GK Guitar Auction for Homeless Shelter

End of January brings my birthday. Old guy r us 🙂 This year for my b-day I’m personally building a 3 string electric cigarbox slide guitar to auction -the entire amount going directly to Cornerstone Community Outreach shelter here in Chicago. The guitar is 3/4s finished and I’ll post pics this next week. BIG thanks to Grrr Records for donating the pickup, tuners and strings!

I will ship the guitar to the winner of this auction (highest bid) the day after I receive the loot- and the check –must– be made out to Cornerstone Community Outreach as a donation.

This guitar has a quality pickup, the box is beautiful, I’ll include a two-way copper slide, and I trust the one who bids the highest amount will enjoy playing or at least gifting it to a musician who will! Pictures coming soon but it looks similar to the one I’m holding here with several tweaks. The pickup is mounted closer to where the neck joins the box for example. and the neck is entirely enclosed within the box and strung as per a Strat (strings through the bottom up through the neck and over the bridge to the tuners).


I will announce the winner -unless they choose to remain anonymous, on Friday, February 9th.

Whatever the donation, CCO does amazing and important work. You might know this is one of the coldest winters on record here in Northern Illinois. You may or may not know from a very recent post of theirs:

“Right now, over 40 families and 125 children are sheltered at Cornerstone. For $22.00 per night, CCO can provide three meals per day, case management, personal hygiene and clothing, and the safe place to sleep.

Whether you can provide one night of shelter for $22, or a hundred nights, your donation will make a difference in the life of families experiencing homelessness.”
So I want to raise awareness of their amazing and sorely needed services and as much money for this guitar as possible to hand to them. EVERY little bit helps.
Want to bid for the guitar i’m auctioning for CCO? Email me directly with your offer at gkaisersoze@gmail.com
Thanks for your time and consideration!
As always, thanks for stopping by! -Glenn


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