“Another Tree” Primal Christmas Blues Uke

I just finished some year end shows with sweet friends! So this song was inspired by two of them- Janet and Frank Cairo who do a zillion cool things via Nitelight Arts Center in Berwyn, Illinois where I just did a Christmas show.

I’ve known them for years and played there plenty. The tune is being played on a uke from their music shop, one of but many good things they do for the Berwyn/Greater Chicago community 🙂

I’ve long wanted to do a blues uke tune, here’s one!


And oh, this was simply recorded live on my mobile phone so quite primal, glitches and pops, etc.- but dedicated to Frank and Janet with love. Merry Christmas all!

ANOTHER TREE glenn kaiser

Mary had a baby
I think you know the rest
Some just wanna curse it all
Some feel very blessed
Ornaments and lights
Gifts under tree
But oh, how He loves us
Gave for you an’ me

Yes I truly understand
Some folks disagree
This world’s in need of love
From another tree

Yes I love the Savior
Love the human race
Love the fact that Jesus came
With a baby face
Mary’s little Lamb
Grew and gave it all
Sure the church is often wrong
Sinners rise and fall

But I still love Christmas
Learnin’ to love my enemies
All because of what He did- on that other tree

So to see/hear this one just go back to the main page here at glennkaiser.com and scroll down to my Facebook post links bottom right.

As always, thanks for stopping by! -Glenn

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