Tasks and Agitation

My personal preference and I suppose dna is FINISH what I start… before picking up a new task.

Thankfully, over time I have learned to cut others a great deal more slack when it seems to me (who of course always judges righteously… not!) they are not doing so.

Easy to judge others for what you are messing up with, no?

But that is rarely my problem. I beat myself up or simply get into frustration mode when “interrupted” and have to quit working on X due to Y being the more immediate and often truly more important need. I get more ticked at me than others in this because I just really want to get the first thing finished before another thing has to be attended to.


The truth is I often find the journey, the creative stuff, the endorphin rush to my brain. The feel-good is in the doing rather than the finishing. But this being so, why fuss with myself over having to create space for another or more immediately important task?

Self raises it’s head (as in selfish, “Not NOW!”) and this is the truth of it.

Love is not about accomplishments being worked through and finished. I mean, I KNOW this intellectually as true.

Well for those out there who can relate- NONE of us will be “the finished product” while on this earth, not if we are super-spiritual, mega-moral, deeply giving and sweet as cream, not if we lived past one-hundred years!

Therefore not only will we have to have patience with ourselves and others, but there will be things left undone.

Now, facing this means there will be plenty of time, at least minutes if not hours, days, weeks, months and years to actually love those around you or those contacting you for help. You know- “those [arrrrggggghhhhh!] Interrupters” whom you share space, share the planet with.

People before tasks.

My natural bent is about starting a project and getting through it, completing it and then going on to another. The problem (and it seems most men and some women fall into this as well) is that if we are not careful and open to change and unexpected voices calling for our patience, time and effort, it will be “another” task of our own design rather than perhaps another person whom God Himself may well be calling us to care for at that moment.

But perhaps I am the only one who struggles with such things. 🙂

Part of the practical is DO what you CAN in the brief time you have for the project and get back to it when you are rightly able to do so. One foot in front of the other… and others before self.

Wow, that was just sooo easy to just sit here and type 🙂 🙂 🙂 And now I just hit “post”!

As always, thanks for stopping by! -Glenn

2 thoughts on “Tasks and Agitation

  1. This a great reminder for me! I get so busy sometimes (much of the time) that I miss spending time with those that need my time. You are not alone in this. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks for your comments Tom… thanks for your encouragement. Lord help us focus with good attitudes on those people and issues appropriate to the moment! -Glenn

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