GK Music Plus Before Christmas

KaizCBGpicOk… I -may- find time to record a diddley-bow (primitive 1 string slide guitar) version of Go Tell It On the Mountain as a Grrr freebie release… if so we’ll publicize the download link. If not, please know we tried to get it done 🙂

MAYbe even more bluesy cigar box guitar type music w. new songs before Christmas… but not sure of that just yet. Busy time around here!

So the Christmas shows have been truly sweet, and here’s the rest of the year’s outings as planned. Yesterday I had a great shopping expedition with Wendi, and little by little getting guitars built to be shipped too. Essentially just layin’ around… not!! :)! Blessings of Advent to all- and as always, thanks for stopping by! -Glenn



GK Christmas Show -With Special Guests PUSH Worship Band opening

The Nite Light Cafe and Arts Center
7009 Ogden – Berwyn, IL

with 2 options:
Dinner buffet & show @ 6pm – $25 per person
Show only – Doors open at 7pm – $10 per person
Limited seating – reservations required ASAP



MONDAY DECEMBER 11 -GK @ Cook Co. Jail Chicago


SUNDAY DECEMBER 17- 3rd Sunday in Advent

Worship at Wilson Abbey 10:30 a.m. (they asked me  to join the team… and bring an electric guitar and amp…:)! 935 W. Wilson Ave. Chicago, IL 60640      773.273.6865


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