Turn It Over?

20171116_103513Really. To the One who MAKES leaves.

Well ok, the phrase “turn over a new leaf” comes from the 16th century when the term “leaves” was used to describe book pages. To turn one over meant of course, a new page, perhaps a fresh chapter and hence the old phrase meant/means “a fresh start, a new beginning”.

Jesus did that for me when I couldn’t do it. In relationship to Him He continues to do so.

I mean in my initial coming to him in faith I REALLY could not quit my various impulses, habits, addictions even, things I truly wanted freedom from. Problem is, wherever you go there you are… and I kept following myself around.

Jesus said “Come, follow me.” Best decision I ever made. Not “follow this or that political party, this or that honcho in this or that church, congregation, this or that rock star, actor, groupie clique” or whomever. Not “keep chasing your own tail, that’ll help!”

Not saying I don’t have human examples, leaders, mentors, soul-friends… I indeed found and kept and keep ’em today. Like Paul said, “Follow me AS I follow Christ.” Yes, my “sponsors” are a huge and needed  part of my recovery process.

The issue, the ongoing matter in my life and yours is that like the guy in C. S. Lewis’s “The Great Divorce” he was ultimately chained to… wait for it… himself.

Each of us is a separate person, a created entity who is -not- God, not fully mature, not literally living in the actual physical presence of God while we breathe on earth.

Like that advert where the elderly lady hits the button and tells the monitor person “Help! I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!” we must face the reality of bad choices, not acting (or perhaps responding) in love toward others, indeed disobeying God regarding His Word. As much as many Christians want to rightly remind us “we ARE seated in heavenly places” and “reckon yourselves dead to sin but alive in Jesus Christ our Lord” there is that sometimes distressing term “Lord” in the statement! If you think either you or anyone on this planet lives this out perfectly you’re either certifiable, ignorantly gullible or flat-out swallowing false doctrinal error.

We are not yet literally seated, beyond temptation, literally without any trace of sin nature left within us. Therefore, turning over a new leaf, a fresh repentance, a renewal and a “walk the talk” relationship with both God and others is part and parcel of an honest, maturing spirituality that far too many believers aren’t interested in.

Note, the very same professing Christians will say “It’s all under the blood” meaning we cannot -make ourselves- righteous before the One and only perfect, holy God -and they are correct according to all I see in scripture. The issue is that at least in one sense, a Christ-follower lives in two worlds until entering the literal kingdom where Father, Son and Spirit literally are. “Think this way about yourself” does not mean “whatever you like have at it”.

Meanwhile, seems to me autumn comes around to remind us that all things end, death is part of life, and it can be a beautiful thing. As seasons change, so can we -by faith in the Risen Savior!

Any leaves you need to turn over to Him? All He does in us is eternal.

God give you grace to give thanks for the fresh leaves He puts in our path!

As always, thanks for stopping by 🙂 -Glenn

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