Texas Murders and American Firearms Law?

I do not always post on every hot-button issue and those I do blog, tweet or Facebook post on I normally wait, sometimes for days prior to posting. Why wait? Simple emotional responses to issues that affect perhaps millions of people (and sometimes more?) should not be taken lightly. Knee-jerk responses are not often helpful and the arguments are often thin. Further, when millions and at times billions of dollars as well as political power/positions/influence as well as that of major corporations are in our sights (get that…?) such targets have found internet and other media trolls and pundits helpful (not) to further self-interests. Think on that because I may well offend zealots on both sides of the gun debate.

I’ve already posted a blog ( gkaiser.wordpress.com/2017/10/04/guns-safety-reality/ ) regarding some of this, but IF (major word, that!!) the following is true I am praying and waiting to see exactly what if anyone is willing to do, what price people are willing to PAY rather than RECEIVE for such disasters to at least be cut back from our land. Many “if’s” and my personal views follow:

In my view the debates on these matters tend to be more emotional than sane, more along political party vs. party or urban vs. rural lines than human-being, reality or practicality-based.

Guns are everywhere, there are lots of them and they really are not going away. BUT…

I have been and remain an independent voter all my voting years- am currently 64 and have voted republican, democrat, independent and abstained right through my voting years. BUT…

Law/s? That’s another major can of worms when considering this topic as it is re. plenty of other issues in our nation.

So as  gun-owner, hunter, someone who actually loves to shoot (on rare occasion these days due to my family and ministry commitments) and as one who supports our troops and veterans but does not 100 percent agree with each and every military deployment… I ask you to consider. Note, there are a great many “if’s” in the case of the recent and tragic Texas church massacre.


IF the shooter was violent towards his wife prior to killing and wounding so many at the Baptist church

IF by military law he had committed what comprised a felony by military (U.S. Air Force) law

IF he actually served time for his offenses while in and/or not in active service

IF current (November, 2017) Texas law allows such individuals to purchase firearms, ammunition and lawfully transport and use them-

If as in several cases these are as has been reported true elements of this particular case, I say (and would say it in a heartbeat if I were a citizen of Texas) it’s time the U.S. military and at very least the Texas Department of Public Safety (known as the Texas Rangers Division) fully and completely connect on information pertinent to such an individual and their access to firearms within the state- BY LAW.

Further, ANY and ALL states within the U.S. in my view, ought to not only be privy to but provided with such information on such individuals whether they are veterans or not.

Consider the obvious: military personnel have sadly and unfortunately been trained to kill, it is part of our defense and frankly I get it and understand the need for such training. When a veteran hits mental, marital, medical and/or employment issues he or she is in need of FEDERAL as well as State care and laws that help offset her or his situation. That is my position.

Of course such horrific deeds are not only carried out by active or former military or non-military people because anyone with enough rage and or despair and the will and a bit of intelligence can figure ways to harm a lot of people quickly.

I am deeply concerned that neither political position, corporate positioning and the money made via firearms and related industries are doing anything about public safety unless and until politicians and the public in harm’s way actually work to change and enforce such changes or active protocols REGARDLESS of cost.

Job security of pols, corporate manufacturers and retail stores vs. body count folks!

Change the law/s, enforce the law/s or we shall see a great more such tragedies.

For many of you who fight for both gun rights and the right to life: my wife and I adopted a child who would have been aborted. I now ask you what about the right to life for those worhippers in Texas? I believe we are now discussing the right to kill, to end someone’s life. Be very careful with the handling of Jesus’ words as you begin to debate such matters.

I say these things as longtime and continuing gun owner, shooter and hunter: neither politicians nor the firearms industry nor a public that simply “goes along with busine$$ as usual” is anywhere close to a solution to such massacres.

Things to consider as we reel with such tragic events?

As always, thanks for stopping by! -Glenn

4 thoughts on “Texas Murders and American Firearms Law?

  1. Thank you Glenn for a very appropriately timed message. With Chicago hitting the 600 murder mark, you are experiencing a massacre already. People get wound up when 15-70 are killed, and rightly so, but very little is said when human lives are being bled off one or two at a time. Why not move some of the profits from manufacturers and sales taxes from gun sales toward mental health services? It seemed pretty effective when the people rose up against the tobacco industry. The time that you have spent at Cook County (hospital and jail) has surely shown you that much of this mess is related to mental health issues. Until Christ’s return, blessing on you, Wendi, the Kids, Grand kids and JPUSA. Jeff

    1. Thanks Jeff. Indeed, it is a continual mess in that human beings often act out violently. Certainly mental health is a huge part of it, and sometimes as some pundits have I believe, rightly said, it is at times not even a matter of mental health but lack of any sort of “anger management” ability. We have become a massively polarized, often mean, crass, in-your-face society. Not everyone of course, but the mix of anger, rage, mental health issues, alchohol/drug abuse and weapons of any sort is a horrific stew that destroys far too many daily, Chicago and even rural areas. The local “drug industry” via gangs is now everywhere with guns very much a major part of the homocide rates. Small town/rural America is no longer immune from this as the economics, racism and attitude of “my biz ain’t none of your business Jack” extends from Wall Street to dope dealers in our lovely culture, no? God help us! -Glenn

  2. Glenn we are all subject to the chaos from whatever quarter. Glad you are still kicking. Man you are a father to my kick and the sound of your voice says it to me: kick on

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