Veterans Day 2017

This like all Vets Days will not be an easy one for many of those men and women who have served our nation. Not all have been in direct engagement in a war they were deployed to fight and possibly die in, but often with a sense of love for nation and committment to duty, they went.

Far too many lost dear and close friends serving right by their side. The memories linger. Too many have made mental, emotional and physical sacrifices others of us do not consider nor appreciate.

Before all else they were and are human beings. I’ve lost track of vets who’ve said, “Once the firefight started it was about the others in our unit, not politics, nation or anything else.” That’s not difficult to grasp.

Of course in fractured times (no disconnect re. wars or “military incursions”) and certainly after a couple recent incidents of veterans killing a number of innocent civilians stateside, this won’t be an easy day for many.

One aspect of the service that is obvious as can be: for some, getting out of the hood, trying to discover and find what they might be good at doing in terms of a career, trying to figure a way out of poverty or simply money for education and considering one’s future, the military has often been one of, sometimes the only solution.

Plenty people I’ve come to know and respect tell me these were the very issues that caused them to enlist.

I think loving everyone means loving our veterans. This means in part, letting the pols know -all- needed care upon serving must be met- jobs, housing, medical, counselling and such.

I don’t care who sits in Washington in any part of the political spectrum, these are human beings who anybody claiming patriotism must support with more than “thoughts and prayers”!

Having said all this, atrocities have been committed in times of war or other military deployments and we cannot pretend it isn’t so.

May God help us learn to give grace and practical support to those who have served and are serving -regardless.

As always, thank you for stopping by! -Glenn

2 thoughts on “Veterans Day 2017

  1. Thank you Glenn,in the hospital with my wwll father he had some stents put it today will be 91 soon and like me he really appreciates you.

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