Eye on the Sparrow or Goodnight Irene?

Yep. I am convinced His eye truly is, regardless of anyone or anything.


David… not Goliath. Israel, not the big-shot kingdoms of the day. Samaritans, rather than those quasi-religious Jews in Jesus’ story-telling. Why? Why is it God throughout His Word seems to continually favor “the little guy”, the poor and outcast, people on the margins?

I grew up in sparsely populated farm country, “in the sticks” as we say, then in and just outside of several very small towns.

The other day I took the scenic route through a part of Northern Illinois I’d never been through and discovered Irene. Irene, Illinois that is! Unincorporated. I counted exactly 12 houses and one of those was a bit removed from the others at an intersection as I drove through on the one and only road.

My mind went where it often does: “Wow, I wonder about the history of this tiny little spot in the road?” Of course there’s a train track running right along side it that I believe connects Rockford and Chicago.

I wondered at the families living there now, if this is a simple quiet place where most work and attend school in nearby Belvidere or the Rockford area? Most likely.

There has always been some kind of allure to me in lonely places, small and often “off the beaten path”, perhaps forgotten little enclaves where people are born but typically die someplace else. For example the “Big cities” of Burnett, Fox Lake and Randolph up in Wisconsin. Pumpkin Center outside of Beaver Dam… you won’t find that on most maps. Bushnell, and really tiny Breeds in Illinois. Checkrow which is a place but is basically just that, a church and parsonage, a couple farms. I love them. Miss them too.

Then I think of that line in the Book of Hebrews- “Here we have no continuing city but we seek one to come”. I have connections with -that- city far deeper than anywhere I’ve ever lived or traveled on earth. All in good time 🙂

Meanwhile, I think about places like Irene, Illinois and smile.

Do you at times feel forgotten, even by God Himself? If we notice people, perhaps off-the-grid or “coloring outside the lines” people and the places they dwell, do you really think God has forgotten any of them -or any of us?

As usual the sparrows were in our side yard garden today. We made a place for them including birdhouses in our garden.

The psalmist writes “Where can I flee from Your presence?”

This vid clip is 30 years old from a set at Cornerstone Festival done w. amazingly talented friends for Compassion International who work to help “the least of these”.

It’s a good thing to notice, even appreciate sparrows -especially in a world with plenty of hawks.

As always, thanks for stopping by! -Glenn

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