“Floating Bridge” Guitar Build

So my creative brain just keeps on keeping me stretching out…


This past summer presenting a week workshop for cigarbox/found-object guitar building (all slide guitars, 1, 2 or 3 stringers) I did a lil’ dumpster dive. That and a second tin gifted to me by one of those attending my class at Idyllwild Arts got me to considering- and after finding a bit of wood for it, I decided to have a go at a “floating bridge”.


In my case, I put 3 small screws into the underside of the neck to affix it to the top of this larger round tin, and also added 2 screws to secure the top to the bottom of the “body”.

The “bridge” is not glued, just sits via string tension on top of the lid. At present it’s strung with a fairly heavy electric low E string though I mostly prefer to use acoustic strings on these gits even if I add a pickup. Personal taste, nuances.

There are plenty of other variables re. using a floating bridge design but in the end I really wanted to try it like I did- without the bridge actually secured and also -not- coming into contact with the neck.

Easy enough to turn ‘er into a 2 or 3 stringer by simply adding another eyebolt or two as well as string slots in the bridge and a bolt, bone or wood “nut”. But for now, a diddley-bow that really resonates nicely, good tone and rather loud acoustically.

28 inches tip-to-tip with a 24 1/4 inch scale bridge to “tuner”- and no nut needed because it’s a 1 string slide only instrument with string raised up high. FUN.


I love doing these as design prototypes and they do often find themselves on a stage doing a live show with me. Part of my love for using these is I quite often write a song inspired by the tone, feel and experience of each new git I make -and  I find I write differently than if I’d used a typical 6 string.

Elsewhere in my blog posts I mention Jeff Beck saying how he was constantly working at digging himself out of musical ruts. This is one of several ways that works for me!

So, mistake and all, a quick phone-take of today’s song:

https://www.facebook.com/glenn.kaiser.5 (Note- this is my personal F.B. page, not GlennKaiserSolo nor GlennKaiserBand which are both in F.B..)

WATCH YOUR STEP -glenn kaiser

You gonna come around here
Like you own the place
But one day baby
Gonna be face to face
Ain’t no room
For no other love
Stackin’ grace or doom
Push comin’ to shove

In my hour of need
In my time of hurt
Eyes opened up
We ain’t only made for this earth

Turn the other cheek
Sometimes rain falls down
People act out
Stones fly off the ground
But when the writing
Is in the sand
Gotta watch your step
Only love will last

As always, thanks for stopping by! -Glenn


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