What’s Up With GK?

Uhhh… well:

Personal study, family, shows, recording, book writing and a little guitar-building.

Last night another amazing time at Cook Co. Jail.

Today added bass and ersatz drums (cardboard) in finishing up a new track.

Studying a number of 12 Step Recovery materials, some very helpful stuff out there.

In my jail and prison visits, etc. I meet so many like myself in recovery who need and can benefit from linking up with solid people who’ve been on a healthy path -both in terms of spirituality as well as practical linking with others who get the struggle and have found grace and healing.

Also planning a few Christmas presents (making stuff) and trying to keep up with interviews, email and all the social media.

Other than that, not much goin’ on around here… HA!

I’ve a load of fresh blogs written, a few more edits and I’ll pop ’em up here.

Oh- and just made this fresh two-fer slide guitar/s-in-a-box. Well, two boxes glued and screwed together to be specific.

-with big thanks to my friend Patrick in Arizona who gifted me with a box of boxes in the mail!

Played both along with other gits up in Rockford the other night. I’m kicking around either staining or painting it.

It’s very light but sounds (acoustically) really good- both necks, and also has a cut-down Danelectro Honeytone Amp in it or can be fed into a p.a. via a direct box or into one of my larger amps. The 3 stringer sports a funky older and cool sounding pickup given to me by a kind bro in Minnesota. And there’s a Radio Shack doorbell piezo packing taped to the 1 stringer (diddley bow) and on that one I used 9 gauge wire rather than a guitar string.

You can see 3 of the slides I’ve enjoyed using sitting inside the lid along w. the 2nd set from the other night. Played in your lap or on a keyboard stand -fun!

Cold weather has moved in around Chicago but I’m thankful for the seasons so am enjoying some autumn tea here and there.

As always, thanks for stopping by 🙂 -Glenn


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