Guns, Safety, Reality

This will not be an easy read for you no matter your position on the issues.


I shoot, hunt AND favor gun control. Love or hate me from either side of the fence and unless you aren’t willing to think -or are prone to depression and anxiety -read on.

I am fully disgusted with maiming, killing, murder (and there is indeed a sound argument that killing is not murder, but that’s another matter). I do not believe even fully outlawing all firearms  will thoroughly protect people from doing others harm. A very wealthy white guy in Nevada just did and having money and a few contacts (unless living in a police state… which even then doesn’t prove a fail-safe) will get you anything you want including weapons of all sorts, explosive device material and etc..

For what my own views are or are not worth in the mind of the reader, this comes after years of consideration. It comes from my personal use of a LOT of weapons (more detail on my own experience will show up in a future post on the armed forces) for shooting and hunting. Certainly the issues of Las Vegas murders, various terrorist attacks and issues re. police and individual as well as crowd actions have motivated me to write.

I’m not personally convinced either side’s interpretation of the 2nd ammendment to the U.S. Constitution says what either hard-core side thinks it means.

Again, I have more to say re. LEOs (law enforcement officers) and military issues but for now, this.

I do believe there are solutions and even up-sides to the issues, but first one must take honest stock of what IS, not what we wish were not or what is simply -not- possible.

The “Pandora’s Box” has been opened for at least a few thousand years. As country folks say, “The horse has already left the barn”. Try Cain vs. Abel. And it just keeps on going.

In the United States -including every rural spot, small town, urban city and any other space YOU WILL NEVER EVER NEVER do away with every firearm, possibility of making some sort of explosive device or other weapon because human beings can be, can become and often are:

***ANGRY and/or AFRAID and/or MENTALLY CHALLENGED and/or FULL OF ALCOHOL and/or DRUGGED and/or DESPERATE and/or CRIMINAL in their minds, hearts, actions and either physically or with some sort of weapon/s going to “act out”.

Laws can and do help (and you can love or hate me but I’m FOR what I would think sane, balanced, reasoned gun control though I shoot and hunt and have for most of my life.

There will be, if due to nothing but what I’ve just listed above ***, individuals and at times a small or larger group of people doing horrible, tragic and disgusting things with weaponry. Accidents will happen at times, but indeed injuries, deaths will take place and innocent people have been and shall be murdered as a result regardless of the type of person shooting, wielding a knife or something else, or setting off explosives. This happens and shall regardless of their political position, religion, nationality, race or ethnicity. Always has been, always will be. This is a broken, sinful, imperfect world full of broken, sinful, imperfect and indeed *** people.

What happened in Las Vegas and the details of such a sick person and act was -I think it’s worth noting, a single person pulling several triggers in a sardine-like concert gathering of people. Do we not immediately realize NOBODY IN POLITICAL POWER can “fix” such a scenario so it never happens again?

How full of “koolaide” are we that we think ANY police force, swat team or military force can fully protect any people group from such ever happening in the future? There are just too many ways to create explosives, to procure (legally or illegally) weapons and/or explosive devices if one has intent to do great harm to a packed crowd of people.

I am NOT saying there are not legal, sane, workable ways of TRYING to prevent such from happening! I am saying I’m not personally convinced anybody can fully eradicate the possibilities of either an individual or group doing great and horrid damage if they are so inclined.

Do we think for a moment that our own security departments (name any or all of them) are God, have perfect and truly thorough intelligence by which militia groups left, right, Islamic or quasi-Christian or You-Name-‘Em just cannot pull something like a Las Vegas attack off? Can you imagine what several quiet, careful crazies might have “accomplished” [SICK, SICK, FILTHY, DEMONIC] if there had been MORE than just one in that hotel? Are we so stupid as to not know truly crazy enemies of our citizenry and even some Joe Blow across town and a buddy or two haven’t paid attention to this?

A police state is no democracy. Only a fascist wants such, and only if said fascist is in control. I’ll say it again: NO GOVERNMENT of ANY POLITICAL POSITION but outright Nazi-or-Soviet-like subjugation of everyone and all a nation’s citizens can prevent such mayhem and death. Even then history tells us there were and always are “patriots” and/or “partisans” or “traitors” depending on your views… who can and will find ways to bring terror to this or that individual, family or gathered group. Consider the assassination plots on Hitler (there were several) when the SS and Gestapo was ruling with an iron hand and plenty of willing informers. Lesser known are terrorist attacks within the former Soviet Union during NKVD and later KGB, etc., police state control with a massive number of “malcontents” slaving away in Siberia.

Be very careful before you jump to quick conclusions that by a vote or even three of them in several elections, that changing, repealing or somehow fixing one or more laws regarding firearms or chemicals re. explosives are somehow going to fix human nature.

Solutions? Prayer. Protests. Voting. Conversation with grace and serious attempts at LISTENING AND UNDERSTANDING best as you can the other person’s opposing viewpoint. Like it or not we’re all in this together. These days few seem to think patience and continuing the conversation with civility is worth much! That is one of the core problems and we’re all guilty.

In my view there is an ultimate solution that is only as certain as I am, and it comes from personal experience -though such experience is shared by plenty of others:

I fear God far more than any person or group of them. My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ calls me to love my neighbor REGARDLESS… to love him/her “as myself”. He calls me to “respect ALL people” in His Word. My faith in and daily relationship with Him has changed my heart, my mind, my outlook on people, my nation, the world and indeed brings me to forgive people because without that I’m headed for separation from Him, separation from sanity and prone to simplistic, knee-jerk emotions, so-called “solutions” and the *** stuff I’ve listed above begins shooting holes through my relationship with both Him and others.

My faith and respect for God and others fully affects what I do AND DO NOT DO with dangerous weapons.

Even if a majority of people thought and lived as I do these horrible acts will not simply go away never to return. We have to live in the real world while doing all we can to live and treat others with more grace, compassion and actually be willing to compromise -yes… COMPROMISE. We can be sure of this- a certain individual in Las Vegas wasn’t interested in any of these. He had the money and enough of an i.q. to get what he wanted and do what he did.

As many in social media have rightly said, “Thoughts and prayers” are NOT enough!

Jesus commands us to “love one another”, “forgive one another”, “serve one another”. The Risen Christ extends mercy and grace to sinners like you, me and all of us. My aim with most weapons is fairly accurate when I focus and actually DO my part. The apostle Paul wrote “Make love your aim”. That’s what costs us the most. That’s what’s most missing in our world.

God help us because without Him, we are truly lost.

As always, thanks for stopping by. -Glenn


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