Resting Space.


Last night after flying home from tour and dinner with Wendi, checking in with family, friends and such, I took a few moments alone.

Our side yard garden is a continual gift. It isn’t the woods where I love to be but a one-minute walk out our door and we have flowers, plants, lots of birds, a couple small trees and even with various street noise it’s rather quiet. Most of the year it’s truly beautiful, often quite lush.

We give our older folks preference there but plenty of younger peeps also hang out with coffee or tea, chat, sharing worship, small groups might eat a meal together. A portable  wood-burning fireplace gets used out there after dark sometimes.

Last night this little oasis right in the middle of a large, sometimes desperate, violent city offered me a peaceful spot to be.

There, with a large iced coffee (been a tad too hot here lately) in a cooling-off evening with a slight breeze from Lake Michigan I was able to chill.

I had a great chat with one of our leadership team and just rested awhile.

I highly recommend any sort of safe place you can either create or find to spend even 15-30 minutes every now and then. We all need times of peace, reflection, prayer, shared friendship and yes, silent and alone moments.

It’s simple -but so nourishing to make good use of what you may already have nearby or might possibly imagine and create: a space for a few minutes of downtime. I believe this is something spiritually, emotionally and even physically healthy people do not regularly neglect.

Something to consider?

As always, thanks for stopping by!  -Glenn

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