Ebook Work

Yep. A weekend off, various family interaction and indeed just trying to move down the road w. something I think may be of help and maybe even of interest to people.

Reading several ebooks as well as several amazing posts today from good friends who have many great things to say that need repeating ’round cyberspace and beyond. I’ll help promote here and there as I think good and right… and when the timing seems good. I try hard to not simply do the “sell X, Y and/or Z” stuff and appreciate that few people ask me as I’m sure some get their feelings hurt or just wonder why it is I don’t hype this or that project.

I really dislike the “infomercial” approach whether in blogs or other social media so only promote from time to time when I really think it important.

There is indeed so much pulp, so many voices shouting because… we can! Yep, the Web is the mega-Pandoras Box. ANYBODY can push “fake” ANYTHING at ANYTIME, troll away if they have a simple web connection, even from a local library or friend’s laptop or phone.

So I get the fact truth or nonsense can get tossed out, re-hashed, forwarded on and devoured in a heartbeat these days. It’s excellent or horrific depending on content and motive. “Every careless word” and in context “judgment” comes to mind (Jesus in New Testament Gospels).

My personal writing at this point is an overview of my early years with focus on a bit more than 3 months of my life. If I never wrote another thing I think this to be worth sharing so… we’ll see and please don’t ask, when it’s ready I’ll be sure to let the world know 🙂

Got our laundry done yesterday, perhaps will do my office cleaning tomorrow, enjoying a rocking version of Puppy Linux at my writing space today though this pic is in the same place with antiX Linux yesterday on the same lappy.20170913_103353 Also waiting for AUTUMN which I so love… not complaining about the 85f weather in Chicago today but I sure do love cooler weather with gold, yellow and red leaves!

As always, thanks for stopping by! -Glenn

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