Dreams and Navigation

I recently read an article on dreams which mentioned Joseph and the fact God indeed gave him dreams and the ability to interpret them. It was a sound and good piece of writing.

Yet the issue that is often not covered in such musing is the fact that not all dreams come from God.

The old debate between His “perfect” and”permissive” will, or even the two great theologies which at times are in tension with one another, issues regarding human free will over and against God’s sovereign will comes to mind.

Whatever one believes on these issues, all of us have dreams at times. That is, we may have a “vision”, an idea of what we believe God is actually calling us to do. OR and I do mean in a separate sense, we have our own personal desires/will/dream/s of doing this or that, accomplishing whatever it is we want to do.

I am convinced these are not always mutually exclusive -nor are they always mutual! I’m not God and I certainly don’t always hear His voice even when I think I do. Humility? Honesty? Care for Him and His desires being fulfilled via me? Or not?

The Bible is not silent on His call nor on our ability to make choices, sometimes in- sometimes out of- sync with His desires. Not all our desires are automatically in line with His plans.

This is apparent by even a casual skimming of the New Testament letters of Paul and others who often bring correction to God’s  Own people. The Old Testament is fully loaded with such admonishment.

But hey, who needs correction or instructions if one is already perfect? Hello?

Don’t miss that if one is not intent on seeking Him and His plans, one can easily fall into creating a scenario where one’s own personal desires take the place of God’s plans for us.

The results are (to quote Paul’s N.T. words) “wood, hay and stubble”.

My own view is that I’ve surely produced such in my own years of living, no matter how much I read His Word, pray, seek godly and wise counsel from brothers and sisters I trust, and really try to pay close attention to the Holy Spirit whispering or at times, shouting in my ears.

So the issue again and again is that I am reminded of the need for humility and brutal honesty with myself in my own judgments with regard to my dreams, my choices, my steps even in mission and ministry.

Sometimes we fail and made a mistake, a wrong turn, or we desired something so much, so deeply, we just were not open to hearing a different view. Sometimes that “view” was  God telling us “Nada, Nicht, Not Yet” or even “No”. “I have better plans.”

Is it just what I read and hear or is such input rare amongst Christ-followers, speakers and writers in our time? I’m not talking about legalistic joy-killers nor false “lord it over the sheep” “prophets”, I mean do you hear this sort of wisdom as common in Christian circles today?

I suspect we are in a season of such concern for quantity of followers in many local churches and ministries that we are more focused on encouraging people to Go For IT!! Regardless of what “it” might mean.

Of course- nothing new that too many times leaders and others amongst us put heavy burdens and clamp down on people who are creative, imaginative and have real and actual heart and calling from the Lord to stretch out and do something outside the norm. I get that. Hey, I AM that and have been most of my years, but in my case leadership has encouraged me and nurtured me to fly rather than park -all the while encouraging me to really seek, surrender to and follow my Lord Jesus rather than what Bonhoeffer called “wish dreams”.

I -continually- pray He “close doors no man can open and open doors no man can close” (see Book of Revelation) in line with His plans for me and those I affect and influence.

Without such heart I am convinced a great deal more of my life and time is essentially wasted.

MY kingdom is a waste of time.

HIS kingdom and my cooperation with Jesus is about HIS kingdom, HIS calling, will, desires, plans.

I believe it benefits each of us and all those we may influence to seek such an approach in living out our decisions.

Perhaps these things are worth considering as we dream and journey through this world?

As always, thanks for stopping by!~ -Glenn

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