Finishing Up GKB EuropaTour 2017


As usual, Carsten and family and each promoter along the journey have been fully amazing! Weather, accommodation and audiences all superb. The band has had a great time and to all who came out in Italy, Germany, The Netherlands and Switzerland THANK YOU ALL SO VERY MUCH!

Roy and I head back to Chicago after tonight’s show in Karlsruhe, what a gift to see our families soon 🙂 Ed and Hilde travel to Denmark and then Norway to visit family and take a well-deserved holiday.

I will remind those visiting my blog re. upcoming shows in a few days: next up electric blues jam w. friends as well as prison sets all in Ohio and after that following a week-long family vacation, a solo set in Rockford, IL and lots more which we’ll post as we get nearer to those dates.

A number of you during this tour asked about my cigarbox guitar music and gits, several sad I didn’t pull one out for sets- GKB is a different gig so… maybe another time. Most of my solo sets are loaded up with blues of that sort and if you stay tuned, you’ll catch me live or recording (working on another this fall/winter as I can make time for such) with cbg’s. I’ve a lot more solo blues shows booked now right into autumn. As you can see, a Swiss friend brought one (his first- cool!) to show me, so great to meet him and see it!

I’ve several posts re. spiritual growth and help re. addiction nearly ready so will begin adding them soon.

Ok, here are some pics from our last GKB tour stops in Switzerland, and at the end coming through France on the way back to the last German show. And there are some AMAZING pics and a 360 from our set at Imfluss Festival on (actually -in-) the Rhine River in Basel, Switzerland we’d love you to see. Scroll down at the GKB Facebook site for all that:


We thank our Lord Jesus for His continuing grace and so many of you for your kind hearts, good after-show chats and connecting. Hope your summer is a good one!

As always, thanks for stopping by 🙂 -Glenn


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