Cool People, Cool Shows and Rain

20170725_191540I think God must have set me up to love rain as I have all my life… and the past few days on tour in Germany have been wet but oh so very good for us! But it’s been raining grace and kindness as well.20170725_144230

I will add pics here so you can have a look as well.

Looking very forward to shows in Switzerland again in the next couple days after tonight’s in Germany. And the tour ends Sunday night in Germany, so we are moving right along now.20170725_183249

As per our schedule I did not know if I’d have time to post so much, but perhaps one more when I get back to Chicago to sum things up re. the last shows.

As for now, last night we met and did a benefit for some sweet folks who serve refugees and other in-need people here in Germany. I am so blessed we were able to work with them, and see a full club. MANY great chats with people after.

20170726_122749As always, thanks for stopping by! -Glenn

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