GKB EuropaTour Report 1

So I mentioned a report of myself and Wendi’s Western Tour coming… must put it off a bit more as the time is limited here on tour in Europe but I will indeed get to it. Much to say and show about that really sweet time!

Today I write on a day off prior to leaving for the next shows in Holland. So backing up a little:

Here are a small assortment (really!) of pics from tour thus far, more coming in time. So sorry but I have been so focused on our set this tour I have very few crowd shots and they’re not quality enough to put up at this point. Maybe further into the tour I’ll get some good ones!


Italy was amazing… as it has been for us in past years. Our friends in Roma and Torino were just the Best… sweet shows, audiences, and of course Supremo Kaffee 🙂

It was a bit hot for us in Rome (weather) but beautiful, and cooled off for us upper Midwest/Chicago peeps in Turin. But really, these were such cool shows.

Our long travel day up through northern Italy, then to Germany via Switzerland was again, beautiful.


The Alps, lakes and mountains, and (for me) old houses, farms and buildings always get me to smiling. I like the new and modern and there is much of that of course, but the old architecture gets my interest.

From time to time you see (as in the States on weekends) cool old car clubs all out for the ride. I got a shot of these lil’ Fiats in Italia. Nice.

Our German gigs have been equally amazing -the norm really, such cool peeps. A packed room the first night and so many old but many new friends as well, great chats afterward each set and just very kind hosts and this continued right through night after night. Biker’s gig complete with Essen’s Flying Angels club mascot: a super-sweet totally deaf (I’m getting there:) doggy…


Where/when you ask?


After many, many tours through Europe and Germany in particular with REZ Band, blues tours with Larry Howard, Darryl Mansfield, myself solo and of course GKB, for me, just seeing the names of cities all through Germany brings back a lot of great memories. I’ve played in quite a few of ’em.

The joy of bringing music we love to people we love is deep and satisfying. We trust many are open to hear our message and we continue to get great response so I thank God for His grace in it all. Missing my Wendi back in Chicago of course… thankful for technology and the Web for contact though.

Ok, I will likely only have time for one more Europa report which I may put up upon arriving home in Chicago due to schedule. Looking forward to Holland and Switzerland shows along with more in Germany!

Major THANKS to all the promoters and of course, friends and fans who’ve come out to our shows along our journey 🙂

As always, thanks for stopping by! -Glenn



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