Nah, I never was much of a tourist. Well, in the woods yes, but in cities, not so much. I love rivers, lakes, the seas, I really like islands.

Having said all this I find myself in Rome today, doing the first of our shows on the tour tonight… and what I do like is cool building design, especially very old buildings, fountains and various sorts of art -which of course Rome is full of. But rest, doing webwork and prep. for the show as well as other communication is the deal right now so… no visiting the cool spots.

But the coffee was/is GREAT:)

So many people who hear of my/our travels with REZ Band and GKB, myself solo will say “WOW, COOL!! I wish I could join you!” regarding the many places we are able to see on the planet. I get that, but the truth is it’s the people, those who we meet, who come out to the shows, who we get to build relationships with over the years that really get the focus of my attention.

I’ve often tried to remind myself and others that the only thing we take out of this life when we leave are the relationships. Well, if we are Christ-followers at least. I seriously doubt other relationships will endure eternity.

So there is a sense in which I truly LIKE all the wonderful stuff I take photos of and sometimes get to see while on tour. Then again, it does seem to pale in comparison to the smile of my wife, the joy in my grandsons/daughters faces, seeing my girls and sons-in-law happy and at peace, and seeing people we meet around the world begin to recognize they are loved, truly loved.

This is what Jesus does in us as we journey.

As always, thanks for stopping by! -Glenn


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