WA State Gig Added, Summer Tours/Misc Update

Wow. So this year is just a tad simpler than the last couple but nearly as packed and amazing.

Wendi and I have begun our trek west in the U.S., and within 2 days of getting back home to Chicago I leave w. GKB to the European tour for most of July.

So the new date added in Washington State is:

Thursday June 22 @ 7pm
GK Solo at New Walk Christian Church
18635 8th ave s.
Des Moines, wa.98148

Now overall tour comments for this summer-

Sadly, the schedule does not allow for an appearance at our beloved AudioFeed Festival in Champaign, Illinois (but YOU should not miss it!!! Plz see http://audiofeedfestival.com/). Nor can I be with dear friends Don and Rhea Overbey and so many great musical buds up at Sturgis Bike Week this summer 😦 (see http://overbeyministries.org/gpage9.html and if interested a few clips from myself and others, my lil’ bit starts at 2:21).

It seems most every weekend is booked, along w. several weekdays right through October -so hope to see some of you on the road somewhere!

Wendi and I are also prepping for her knee replacement surgery sometime in the autumn after at least -some- traveling together.

My poor wife deals with acute arthritis as well as asthma and multiple allergies so you can imagine the challenges, daily, and add to that traveling together (which is GREAT but taxing at times of course) or by myself or with the band but w/o the Queen of my heart with me. So thanks for prayers for both of us.

I am trying to complete a book covering just a bit over a 3 month span (you’d be surprised!) of my life that will likely give clarity to what has shaped my entire life since. We’ll let you know via all my sites when that’s available.

We regularly get amazing, encouraging feedback via Twitter, Facebook and of course this site as well as email. THANK YOU SO MUCH! At the same time when in heavy tour season the posts, questions and requests can really stack up and it takes a great deal more time and effort to respond to all of them. Please know I try but likely cannot reply to everything always! 🙂

Ok, that’s it for now.

As always, thanks much for stopping by! -Glenn

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