GK in Colorado FRI, Utah SUN

But first I gotta say Cook Co. Jail set was just over the top last night! The men seemed to really track w. me right through… always a blessing. Cigarbox guitar and harmonica drew a lot of interest and joy. No a.c. or electric fans in the room, rather hot- so being locked up you can imagine anything to lift spirits is huge for these guys.

So here’s my last reminder for this coming weekend. Wendi and I are packing today!

As always, thanks for stopping by πŸ™‚ -Glenn

FRI JUNE 16 @ 7pm

GK Solo: Blues and Roots at Palmer Lake, CO

Trilakes Center For The Arts 304 Highway 105 Palmer Lake, CO 80133


Home Page 1


SUN JUNE 18 Salt Lake City, UT

GK leads worship 9am 11am 1pm

Calvary Chapel Salt Lake 460 W. Century Drive Salt Lake City, UT




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