Wedding Singer

What a joy to sing and play w. a cool band of friends at the wedding of a sweet young couple this past Saturday!

All week prior the forecast was -RAIN- and it turned out absolutely beautiful, sunny, a light breeze at the conclusion. Bride, groom wedding party and families all smiles, great musicians and music, fun reception…

As Wendi and I had just celebrated our 45th (spent the day at a pretty Michigan state park beach w. a picnic two days before this wedding) it of course brings back memories as we were also married in an outdoor wedding up in Wisconsin at a lake. The weather was very much the same.GWweddingDay


Remembering and learning, looking ahead for this young couple- what changes over 45 years of commitment? Plenty. But if you keep faith, repent and forgive regularly and both share these disciplines in love -and at core, serve… a lifetime of marriage can happen.

Grace. God’s favor. His fresh mercies every single morning. And learning to roll with the tides of life which of course bring pleasure and at times pain. This is the world we live in.

This is the HOW of “for better or for worse, in sickness and in health”. Yes.

Put bluntly- because of Jesus, it only gets better! Without Him, it simply gets worse.

These were amazing days!

As always, thanks for stopping by. -Glenn


3 thoughts on “Wedding Singer

  1. 45, wow congratulations! Funny, an outdoor wedding stirs your memories and is it did mine. Your words ring so true and you said so well. Going on 29 years with my bride with a bump in the road where we were divorced. God did a marvelous work it’s a long and beautiful story, but fast forwarding we remarried in 2008 in an outdoor wedding, 110* that day. If I may share a clip from the wedding with you, it was a moment filled with much anticipation so forgive my pitch problems and don’t go hard on me for adding a verse 🙂

    1. Wow. Wow!! GRACE! Thanks so very much for sharing this Jim! And hey, there are some good ones but my pitch can really get off at times too via folks’ mobile phone adds online so believe me, you’re never alone on that score either 🙂 -Glenn

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