Memorial Day 2017

How does one thank thousands of servicemen and women who have died, giving their lives for the nation?

I would say by individuals of that nation to show respect and likewise be willing to sacrifice that others might enjoy the freedoms we share.

On this day I wish to say Thank You to the parents and other family members who supported their loved ones- those who did not return alive and well upon completion of their mission.

Let me also bring a word to those who disdain any military presence or service- I believe I both understand and also cannot find my own way to full pacifism, and yet as I regularly state in public commentary it is not the population who chooses to send our military. Rather, regardless who is in political power, it is our politicians and military leaders who make those choices. I personally wish all major deployments were a matter of referendum, and yes, realize (and to a point believe) those in charge have intel the average American does not… and yet…!

Bonhoeffer comes to mind often as I consider these matters. It is never “easy” and certainly not always cheap. Sometimes I do believe it is not moral in the least to deploy troops.

Yet zero defense is in my view, a bit like not eating… ever. It makes zero sense.

Having said all this, I give thanks for those in our services who give and absolutely honor those who have given their lives for the freedoms we have.

God Bless- and have mercy on this nation and the nations of the earth we and our military so greatly affect.

As always, thanks for stopping by. -Glenn


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