The Little Things…

You know, the guy zips in and takes “your” parking space.

The weather. The roast got a bit too done. The kid in the next booth at the restaurant won’t quit screaming.

The little foxes spoil the grapes. Yep.

Then again- very little or zero pain when you got up this morning. A slight breeze, mostly blue skies, no biting insects. The waitress smiled at you and seemed sincerely interested in serving you well.

I think we not only need to (as Chuck Swindoll wrote years ago) not sweat the small stuff… I think it’s often the “small” stuff we overlook as gifts from Daddy.

Every good and perfect gift comes down from the Father of heavenly lights with Whom there is no variableness or shadow due to change.

HE doesn’t change but sometimes from moment to moment our circumstances, what comes our way along our path does. So do we really have total over control over it all? You and I KNOW we don’t and never did nor will.

This is where trusting our Lord with the details comes in. Or doesn’t. We get mad, mean, depressed, self-pity rolls in like a fog. We take it out on those we love most, those we are closest to. I am convinced a major part of the solution comes down to Who you share it all with, who you focus on right through the journey.

If you have not yet learned to pay attention to and connect with God in the little joys and gifts coming your way DAILY you likely are living in a web of the grumps, “the cup is half EMPTY” and self. Self ain’t never gonna be God, nor can it ever be satisfied outside of Him.

I’m all about activism, there IS a time for anger, sadness and the rest. I GET injustice and concern for change. But I’m talking about personal spiritual hygiene.

We complain about the little things. Do we praise and worship Him for the little things?

Something to think about perhaps?

Mercy Father, give us eyes to see, grateful hearts that give thanks.

Thanks much for stopping by! -Glenn



  1. Glenn this is something I am constantly trying to remember to do. I have to take notice of all the little things and ways God is blessing me, instead of only looking for big blessings only. Thanks again for sharing this wonderful wisdom.

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