I’ve found myself saying “Love is patient, love is kind” so perhaps it’s my impatience over the years that has affected my sometimes -lack- of kindness, hmmm? See 1 Corinthians 13.4 and the rest of the chapter for details.

There is a great deal said about being kind in The Book.

Is it easier to get mad, work at “getting even” or learn patience, forgiveness and generally think/speak/act in grace sharing grace (un-earned/un-earnable favor) towards those you dislike, who have wronged you, who you see as most blameable for any pains you suffer in this life?

I think the answer is obvious.

When my mother divorced my father I have vivid memory of screaming “I HATE YOU” at her over and over, running off to my bedroom, throwing myself on the bed and begging God (whomever and IF there was one) to kill the old dude she had been shacking up with for many months. I get hurt and I remember only getting past it after I had come to faith in Jesus some 9 years later.

The first thing God had me do upon my actual surrender to Jesus was to visit my Mom’s house (and then my Dad’s) asking them both to forgive -me- for my many sins, things they had in most cases zero idea I had even attempted much less lived out for years.

The first and worst mess is self. Me. Nothing new about this and rarely is it any other way.

Jesus spoke clearly about one of the most conditional things in the Gospels, essentially “As you forgive so shall you be forgiven”. Vulnerability is SO non-intuative. We hate “losing”. At anything.

While I cannot and shall not confess to sins I’ve not committed, I have long ago learned to regularly confess my wrong-doing and in particular, forgiving others, not holding grudges which in the end do me absolutely no good and largely don’t solve THEIR deepest need for God’s love and forgiveness. Ultimately it is anything but “kind” to think of a person with other than God’s grace in mind.

“Love is… patient… love is… kind.”

It’s pretty clear what love ain’t.

God have mercy and help us do likewise.

Thanks for stopping by, -Glenn


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