Mother’s Day U.S. 2017

This may be a bit out of the ordinary for a Mother’s Day blog post, but here it is 🙂

One of the great joys of my life has been learning about how to be a Dad and now Grandpa.

Due to my parents divorce my own upbringing left me from age nine to eighteen, with only a two-week visit per year with my own Dad.

Being the youngest of three siblings meant little interaction with kids. So where did I learn -anything- about children and how to relate to them? Mainly from my wife and a few other family members who had the experience, love, patience and were truly less self-seeking than me.

Watching my wife and others interact with kids finally gave me the education I never had prior.

Parenting isn’t easy. It also isn’t the royal pain some like to paint it as -but if your focus is on yourself, your time, YOU-YOU-YOU, the fact is that you’re your own worst enemy with regard to any relationship fail but especially when it comes to kids and parenting.

Did and do I make mistakes in this area of family? YES. God knows that’s a fact!!

Living with and even for others, with their needs in view, choosing a less self-centered path (which children will indeed help one learn, like it or not) means a life far more productive than otherwise.

Parenting is -not- for everyone, I get that, and yet: we have a heavenly Father Whose own focus is… His children.

There is something very central to love in that reality, and in that He -is- Love, and the Originator of loving, due to Jesus’ example in life, death and resurrection, we can find lessons of grace and God’s provision and favor again and again. The issue is mirroring His compassion, nurture.

Throughout our marriage Wendi largely taught me much of this via her kindness, words and example.

Punchline? In my life experience it Often takes a mother to help mold and create a father.

Each of my daughters is now a Mom- and so I continue to learn from each of them too.

On this Mother’s Day, I want to say Thank You to my Wendi and a number of amazing Moms who have sacrificed so much out of love for their children. To any mother reading this I also want to say thank you on behalf of plenty of men who would never have learned parenting without you -of which I am one.

As always, thanks for stopping by! -Glenn

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