April 8 Weekend Report

I find such joy in my amazing Wendi and this was her birthday weekend!

So when our great friends at Warehouse in Aurora, IL asked me out for another cigarbox/found object guitar building workshop and history-share-mini concert on these lil’ guitars, I gulped at the date: my girl’s b-day… which she shares with our dear friend Jon Trott.

This year Jon and Carol came up w. a double-date birthday dinner and Wendi and I were delighted.

So I told Wendi about the gig request and that I could be home by 4pm… she said “Go, we’ll go out when you get back” and we did.

Birthdays April 2017

What a fun day. Not a lot of sleep for me but soooo fun!

As usual- pastor Randy, Mike and crew at Warehouse were supreme, their shop first-class, the little coffee-break lunch fab and it was wall-to-wall smiles on the day, lots of fun builders and cool sounding gits as they each finished, we plugged ’em in and enjoyed!

Here are a few pics with some sweet folks at Warehouse Church woodshop.

And besides this, my beloved Chicago Fire (football… or as we Yanks call it, soccer) won too. Baby!

Yes. A really fun weekend -and I hope yours was a good’un too.

Next up- Good Friday and Easter… amazing, deep, profound.

As always, thanks for stopping by. -Glenn

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