Memphis- Visible Music College

An amazing, encouraging time with some 80 students and faculty folk at Visible Music College main campus, downtown Memphis this past Thursday.

Had to really pray and get help re. this cold/cough but was about 80% singing bits of several songs live, used Dr. Ken’s majorly cool old 4 pickup honker, one of my harmonicas and a self-made diddley bow to demonstrate some things. We also chose about 4 YouTube clips, provided a handout that covered my bio and more importantly, key stuff I think huge to sanity, longevity in relationships for musicians regarding marriage, sane relationships within a music career and such.

I always LOVE the question-and-answer times and the students were on their game, very cool imho.

Had a lot of one-on-one discussions afterwards as well… just a treat for me.

So flew down and took the night bus home… coughing, eating a zillion sugar-free coughdrops and whew, nice nap after getting in. Now on to Warehouse Church Cigarbox Guitar Workshop and mini-concert this coming Saturday in Aurora, IL. Looking forward!

So here are a few pics of a great school I am happy to recommend (and have for years) with 3 campuses. These are small bits of the Memphis downtown address.

Kudos to Ken and Joy Steorts and staff, what a gift to the world of music and musicianship!

Oh… and their little pooch made me smile both days I was in their home!


Sweet folks who do rigorous training and great work.

As always, thanks for stopping by. -Glenn

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