Small Guitars, Cool Applications?

A longtime guitar playing friend asked about the Pocket Guitar. You can find the little collapsible 6 string practice git online for like 20 bucks or less.

My initial reply was that it might be cool for some but not others, though nice and cheap, real small but only 5 fret positions playable.

So I dug around online and took another look at the Jamstik. It’s a little midi thingee that would also hold interest for some but costs a lot more. Also small and of course via computer and apps hold interest in various music writing/playing and rehearsing. Very small, 6 playable frets I think.

I have not researched exhaustively but continue to seek out and build 18 inch gits because they’re THE deal for cigarbox or cookie tin or Altoid tin slide gits when it comes to flying and not having to pay excess baggage, etc.. Playable, light, fun to make and use. I find 18 to be shortest length to be able to tune where I want and play scales that work in my blues sets.

Here was my (slightly changed and elaborated) reply:

Pocket Guitar might be good for some, not expensive. Jamstik (in my view) gives more options but lots more $ and again, not a good fit for everyone.

Me, I’d find a decent cheap git neck w. good frets in a shop, cut it down to 18 inches and stick it in a small body leaving the first 7 full fret positions playable. That gives you the 1, 4, 5 chord positions (E A B) meaning you have 3 chord songs down on this one. So six strings, real tuners, whatever small body you want to create for it. Pop a pickup and jack in ‘er, a short cable into your pocket-rocket type headphone practice amp, put headphones on or earbuds in and practice.

A bit more work to make one but in the end I think more satisfactory, but that’s just me. The whole git would be 18 inches tip to tip, very light, small, could even be used in a live gig for a tune here or there. Standard tuning or open tuning for slide playing. Practice anywhere. Or plug into a big amp and crank in concert.

Hmmm… I just may have another project going in the future… 🙂 !

As always, thanks for stopping by! -Glenn


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