Blues Mind

Funny, I’m an old coot but Wendi always said I was “born old”, ha! Of course, one of the many beauties of blues music is you can sing and play it right through realllly old age. But she’d tell you I grew up a lot and over the years got a lot “younger”, heh!

She meamt “serious” and sometimes way too serious, not playful enough in our early marriage, and as usual, she was right.

But of course nobody’s that simple- I dig soccer, the Three Stooges, several card games, flying kites, shooting, hunting, fishing, love being outdoors, a good laugh. And of course music and things musical like cigarbox guitars, harmonicas, making stuff, etc.. I’m a history freak and news junkie. Blues in a lot of that I can tell you!

I’m sitting here by the window tonight after a really fun date day with my sweet girl, just enjoyed hanging out w. one of our new grand daughters a few moments ago. Now I’m listening for the next band of thunderstorms to roll through Chicago where we live right off a very large and great (pun intended) lake. Lake Michigan.


But in my mind rainy days, long Amtrak (train) rides, a bit of wind in my face, being in the woods when the skies break open (long as I have the right rain gear on) is all a gift to me.

Being bone-tired after a hard work day, snug in bed with warm covers, all of it brings me to some level of satisfaction -largely because I’m never alone, even when Wendi is not by my side.

At Cook County Jail last night a large group of men seemed to connect to the music and chat I brought. They so encouraged me and our conversations went deep as they often do. The deal is that blues and blues elements connect us with one another. Lament. Clouds, rain, pain, loss, injustice, indeed prejudice affects us all. ALL. And that’s why it’s easy to sing the blues.

Via my many experiences by lonely stretches of beach along Lake Michigan far up north, and long overseas flights where I arrived just soooo tired due to moving from a U.S. tour right to a solo blues tour in Holland, up in a fairly cold loft room under quilts as the wind howled around the sweet old Dutch house… well, I guess I’m cozy in my prayers, music and even the ache of being apart from my dear, dear wife, kids, grandkids, closest friends in Chicago.

I recall another tour in Scotland, solo, mostly blues, some speaking, moving from place to place, a train trip up and partly along the coast. The craggy, sometimes stone-strewn miles, the clicking of the tracks, wet, blowing wind and finally getting out of the chill under the covers often stirs up a  song… or two.

The pleasure of being at peace in one’s own skin and rolling with the pains, sometimes outright hostilities of life, well all of it is a gift to me. All of it moves me to hopefully love better, write and sing from my heart rather than just my head or as a mere musical exercise of some sort.

All good gifts, and I know Who they come from.

So with this stream of consciousness post written, it’s time for me to climb under the covers 🙂

As always, thanks for stopping by! -Glenn

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