“State of Affairs”

It’s Sunday morning as I write this ‘lil sweet ditty… but Monday’s comin’.

STATE OF AFFAIRS by Glenn Kaiser

Sharin’ the wealth
Fatal disease
Spreadin’ manure
Wherever I please
Playin’ to win
No matter who dies
Suckin’ that swill
‘Til harvest time

Hell farmer
Plantin’ deep
Hell farmer
Sow an’ reap

The daily double
Gamblin’ fire
Sniffin’ th’ high life
Vampire choir
Strut like an add man
Grabbin’ that cash
Corpse-filled silo
Wall Street bash

Hell farmer
In a killin’ field
Snake charmer
‘Til it struck my heel
‘Til reflection
Heart an’ head
Rained like tears
On the quick an’ the dead

Hell farmer
Chase that dress
Moral minus
More is less

Hell farmer
Meet the press
Fame and fortune
Under duress


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