WHITE FOLKS: Read and Consider -PLEASE.

You can be certain your old blues hippie Glenn would have sent this when I was 18 had it been around and the info. and web available then, especially in that my best friend from 3rd grade up fit the criteria, and since I have been an active jail/prison chaplain doing concerts and interacting for years in that capacity. Yep, the link is a “paidpost”, and from the New York -Leftist- Times. Yeah, I care about victims and law enforcement peeps just as much as I do jail and prison inmates. SomeOne I follow commanded me to love my enemies no matter who they may be in any particular moment. This little link here- if you have either guts or heart to read it even if you -never- watch the movie… this “you prob’ly a bleedin’ heart not TOUGH on crime idiot Kaiser” white boy (me) happens to believe neither skin color nor crime is good cause to hammer people. Now, if you figure “those people” have all earned it, all I can say is don’t EVER wonder when you face God on judgment day for reaping what you’ve sown. Mercy and grace? You DO know grace means “un-earned” favor, right? Could it be time to study these terms and ask what you and I and our elected officials as well as corporate wealthy know about ’em? Left or Right, take five and simply read, really, just consider what’s written in this piece. Blow past the graphics, pictures, don’t even bother with the film insert, keep emotions out of it best you can and simply -read-. From all I’ve studied and experienced over my lifetime, from all I know from friends in law enforcement, from my own jail and prison and 12 Step and rehab activities, 99 percent of what is being stated here is fact, not politics, not feelings-based, not mere perspective nor “false news”.


As always, thanks for stopping by. -Glenn

2 thoughts on “WHITE FOLKS: Read and Consider -PLEASE.

  1. Gotta thank you first for your work in the prisons, and second for your post.

    Too many turn a blind eye to the plight of prisoners, accused but yet to be tried, convicted, and post-release. So many Christians forget the words of Jesus, “as you’ve done it to the least” – where He talked about visiting those in prison among other things. Jesus never said “Feed the poor unless they’ve been inside”, He only said “Feed the poor”. He never set any conditions, as many as would come He would receive.

    So many in our society however, especially those who profess to be Christians, take the view that we should be “tough on crime” and punish the accused far more than is justified by the crime. In some countries now (including NZ and the UK) people can be punished because they might someday commit a crime, based on the opinion of a psychologist.

    As to what people have to endure after their sentence has “finished”, well. There is so much struggle to get anywhere. Most convicts want to make a positive contribution to society, to get a decent job, have decent opportunities for their family and so on, yet children can be denied so much based on one mistake their mother made 20 years ago.

    Hopefully your post (and comments to it) will help encourage a few people to begin to realise that “tough on crime” doesn’t work, and only creates more pain and problems while going against what our Lord and Saviour taught. Sure, people need to be protected – but part of that protection is giving former criminals real opportunities to better themselves, not slamming them down at every turn.

    Someone I love is facing this in NZ, years upon years of restrictions and TPTB doing what they can not to help him but to keep him down.

    We need real change in how we treat out prisoners before we can have any hope of change in their outcomes.

    God Bless all.

    1. David, thank you for writing, and you’re welcome. I try to live love best I can and God knows people locked up need it along with us all. I’m sorry to hear about your friend. Whew. “In the world you shall have tribulation” comes to mind. Indeed we are to “be of good cheer- I have overcome the world” but we aren’t in heaven yet!!! Lord help us bring a touch of it to those behind bars. Thanks again. -Glenn

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