Larry Howard: Home.

My dear friend and brother Larry Howard went home to Jesus tonight. I fully expect to worship God with him in due time. He and sweet wife Peggy are -gems-, just amazing people who gave/give their lives to the Love that never ends, showing care and compassion to many the world ignored, forgot or just wouldn’t give the time of day.

I came up playing a great deal of blues and so vividly remember the first time I heard Larry and band at one of our very early Cornerstone Festivals (helping w. my wife to front REZ Band at the time). I freaked in the best way! Finally! FINALLY there was a what-you-see-is-what-you-get bro who could write, sing and play genuine blues with heart and indeed (too rare) an **off-stage kindness** that lifted up and brought home to me as it has countless others.

Touring in the U.S., Europe, recording projects together, eatin’ rib tips… both deeply caring/working for inmates… long (loooonnnggg) amazing late-night jams… we share/shared much. And we both married WAY above ourselves 🙂

Here is Larry and one of his closest buds Skip Frye (another gem!). If you missed Larry, I’ll tell you straight-up, he’d want you to know DON’T miss Jesus. He’s with Him as I write.

As always, thanks for stopping by. -Glenn

3 thoughts on “Larry Howard: Home.

  1. Truly a blessing to have the privelege to have had the opportunity to listen to this man. I was looking trough some songs I had written down many years ago and came across “seeds of victory”. So I went to the all-knowing internet and searched for Larry and the song … and ended up here.
    No one is out of God´s reach.

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