2017 Tour Plans

Lots of show updates coming but working on details now 🙂

Please remember we will update on all sites (Twitter, Facebook, Grrr Records and here) appx. 3 weeks prior to shows throughout 2017.

There are many individual dates booked throughout the year in the Midwest and elsewhere but as for longer tours- March dates are likely as we finalize some of my solo shows in Florida, then possibly in parts of Tennessee, Mississippi and perhaps Missouri. Myself and a friend in Jackson, MS have a heart for the Delta and may well do some shows there.

It looks like I’ll be starting on a jail/prison blues/spirituals project so in-between individual dates and tours hope to get that done next.

Looks like a solo tour is coming together (with Wendi as she’s able) through Colorado-Utah-Washington State-California in June and into July some.

GKB will tour Switzerland, Germany and possibly more of Europe in July and into August.

The rest of August will bring me through an Ohio (largely prisons but not only) solo tour, perhaps Pennsylvania for several appearances as well.

So that’s the overview sans individual gigs or details, all to be announced as we approach ’em.

As always, thanks for stopping by! -Glenn

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