Cigarbox Guitar-making and Songwriting Class

For me, 2017 is off with a kaboom in the best way.

It’s hard for me to express the pure joy of knowing I have had a part in inspiring a person or group in learning, in imagination, in productive creativity.

Every cigarbox guitar workshop, clinic and teaching opp. I get to do just lights the fire brighter.WorkshopPrepSetup

Maybe being a mentor as a parent, grandparent and sometimes teacher over my lifetime brought me to this realization.

So most years I am invited to do a songwriting class and sometimes a cigarbox guitar making class at a Chicago school. The kids in the high school always seem pretty interested, and after a bit of a lecture on the history of these gits along with some great help from the amazing teachersClasstime and myself they build their own.


After a couple days of class instruction in building and songwriting which I give they and rehearsalsRehearsal Rehearsal2write complete songs from scratch, then play them live for staff and one another.Performance1 This year they divided up into 4 groups and honestly, they were (as always) SO COOL to see and hear!
The pleasure of them really engaging in the process not only with myself, but more importantly with one another and progress so far so quickly is nothing short of immense to me!
So you can see a few pics of my set up, the students at work, creating and rehearsing songs and performing -in some of their performances using cigarbox guitars (not required) they themselves built only a couple days ago.
Sweet. And big kudos to UCS Chicago for the invite and great work!
As always, thanks for stopping by, -Glenn

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