Two Punchline/s right at the top: Talk is cheap. That and- EVERYBODY PREACHES when we hit “send” to public media.


What are you and I DOing to assist, help, bring positive change to people in need?

Look, the issue for me is not so much that some folks quack loudly, rather they do not themselves live out their vocalized commitment.

Further, it’s one thing to impress a few groupie friends as you sit around and judge, wag tongue and discuss the pains the world brings on you… or the lack of respect others have for you… it’s something else to stop talking, leave the wallowing convo and put your neck on the block via loving, serving (not self-serving) action.

What is easier, to type and hit “send” on the Web via social media or on leaflets blowing in the wind, or through ebooks and hard copy, media interviews, etc., or to actually get off one’s couch and work in practical ways to make a positive, healing, caring difference in our personal life, family life, local group, neighborhood, city, state, nation, world?! Of course it’s “cake” to just talk. Sooner or later you’ll find an audience if for no other reason: “To the hungry soul every bitter thing is sweet,: -Proverbs 27.20

Sidenote: publicizing your each and every “good work” isn’t the point either.

I have long lamented the ability (mine) to merely write a lyric, put together music, record and/or play it live to people who then (hopefully) are moved to consider a different view than what they espoused prior. maybe even be inspired to ACT IN LOVE with regard to the issue/s I raise in the songs.

Same for when I speak.

But never think for a moment I myself am not speaking/singing/passionate about -me- walking the walk.

From my very earliest years I found it nearly impossible to “sit on the fence” upon being personally, deeply convinced action was essential in bringing light into darkness.

As I’m fond of saying, “It’s the Book of ACTS, not merely theories, opinions, perspectives, possibilities”.

This is where “the Church, the churches local” -and too many among us who profess faith in Jesus Christ grieve and quench the Spirit re. our actual practice.

Speak… write… sing… march… but LOVE IN ACTION… PLEASE!!!

Please pray I do the same.

As always, thanks for stopping by. -Glenn

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