Happy New Year- 2017

gkcbgelbridgeBut first ,a look back at 2016 for me.

Now don’t expect commentary on world events in this post. My LIFE and songs continue to be a response to those.

In my personal life it was quite the year, first off in that my Wendi and family are doing pretty well re. health after a lot of struggles prior. Two new grand daughters were born as well, we are really blessed at JPUSA here in Chicago, all that is happening v Wilson Abbey, Cornerstone Community Outreach, etc..

Touring both locally, in the U.S. and overseas was great and often really inspiring to me. So many kind people, old friends and new, and young peeps showing up at shows, etc.. Lots of blues and also cigarbox guitar interest, workshops, gigs.

Tons of jail and prison sets as well. Very near to my heart as so many people sit behind bars.

I may have mentioned this in an earlier post- numbers have never been the point to me, but I did notice I’d done 70 appearances last year, and in 2016 it hit 90. Wow. Old coot like me yet!!?

There are a number of shows booked and a few tours in the making for 2017, and as usual we will post via the Grrr Records site, via my Facebook and Twitter sites all in due time.

I’ve a new music project (blues) in the works, some more electrified, some more cigarbox/acoustic-type tunes. Hope to record that this winter and we’ll post updates as we move along through the project.

In the end I must say happiness is in relationships, not in accomplishments outside of them. In this I’m SO grateful for people who love me and whom I am able to love and continue to walk with and grow in relationship with, the first being my amazing Wendi.

I wish you the same happiness I have found in Jesus Christ. Everything else is a moving target, flawed and changeable, this I both believe and know from experience.

I SO thank GOD for His blessings of relationship to Him, my wife, family and friends, and for sobriety and sanity -though some would question the latter in my case 🙂

As always, thanks for stopping by! -Glenn


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