A Day in the Life, Death, Pre-Christmas Eve!

My day (so far) consisted of:

Coffee, eggs, plain yoghurt

Email and news check, read long amazing interview/story of Louisiana politics and poverty

Receiving my father-in-law’s ashes

Had a great chat with young girl in our church about how she got into reading/writing poetry and encouraged her re. how great she is in presenting it

Writing/praying for a friend who has been given 6 months or so -due to cancer

Picking up 2 sizes of freezer bag ziplocks for my wife and daughter

Made appointment to get my eyes checked

Purchasing 2 sets of guitar strings as a Christmas gift

Checking out 35 buck cigarbox guitar kit at Guitar Center (not my fave git at all… but glad I played/heard it for myself)

Stopping by cigar store to collect boxes for upcoming cbg building workshop at a Chicago school (gotta come back later after Christmas for ’em)

Collected pallet wood to saw up as necks for the above-mentioned cigarbox git workshop

Got an update on the metal shop where I volunteer off and on, great staff and good report

Shopped 2 stores to find (got it!) a felt-tipped calligraphy pen set for a Christmas gift

Helping my wife in the kitchen (and eating her wonderful low-carb cookin’!)

Taking massive garbage can load out to the dumpster and doing a thorough washing-out job on it

Most (not all) of gifts I’m giving are wrapped… more of that after dinner

Here you see the deep, the sublime, the mundane and all the rest

But one more thing:

One of my stops today was at Zeppelin Design Labs http://www.zeppelindesignlabs.com who make cool amps and other music-related stuff, some of which is in process and several items being tweaked pre-market

I walked in and immediately noticed 2 prototypes of music gear that got me EXcited. What many of you don’t know is, blues guy that I am, I actually DIG hardcore electronica and often exercise to it and thought about buying one of these gadgets a couple of years ago:


They were kind enough to fire one up and demoed it for me… COOLness

I just -may-… and don’t hold your breath… may do a project of songs using such items to record with. No promises but if I ever do it’ll be slammin’ songs with a few breaks for dynamics within. .. Yahoo cuz ZepDL is making these for a near-future release

All this before supper!

Enjoy the holidays and keep looking up -a Baby like no other is what this is about

As always, thanks for stopping by -Glenn


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