Suomi Christmas Stick

My little Suomi Christmas canjo…SuomiStickDiddleyCanjo

I’ve had the pleasure to tour Finland a number of times but it’s been too long! Started thinking about a quick build I’d been wanting to try for fun… and of course about the cold and snow.

So I had two 1 Finmark coins and a Finnish 50 piece as well -decided due to an empty “International Coffee” tin, an extra piezo el-cheapo pickup and extra input layin’ around, WHY NOT make myself a Christmas canjo? I mean, simple 1 string slide guitar with a pickup, string tuned to a D and a 50 cent copper fitting as a slide, with my usual credit-card picks. YES!CanBodyFinnFiftyCoin

Think “snow in beautiful Finland”, reindeer and such. Or at least the Upper Peninsula of Michigan where so many Finns settled and saunas abound -PLENTY OF ICE AND SNOW up dere too ya know??!

Now to record a song with it. This little git is likely to appear somewhere when I do a live show regardless of the weather 🙂

So she is 22 1/2 inches tip to tip, has no nut up topTunerAndNoNutNeeded cuz no need when you string a one-stringer high like this one is… and from bridge to wingnut/eyebolt tuner has a 20 1/2 inch scale. Acoustic and electric she sounds sweet!

Hope you’re keeping warm in Nort’ America.

Here’s a pic from a friend up in Wisconsin. Ain’t Finland but this was a week ago in the country outside Platteville, WI. Thanks Loran, SO reminds me of Christmas in Wisconsin as a boy. Beautiful! LoransDrive

Enjoy these holidays everyone and as always, thanks for stopping by. -Glenn

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