HOW to Play CigarBox Guitar??

I am often asked this very question- and of course due to the fact I love, play, build, record, do shows, lead/teach history and workshops with folks building ’em and via contribute to sellin’ ’em via my signature model, etc., inquiring minds wanna know :)!

Yes, I have done how-to-play teaching and when I have ample time include a longer version of that in my workshops -but why video and re-create the wheel when the simple answer is to send you to the best (no, I get no money for doing this) online source for all things cigar box git and associated instruments, building, supplies and etc.- that being

BUT… here is a link to plenty good peeps, mostly friends of mine who work for/at/with CBGitty and they have fine vids available fer nuttin’ honey!

Shane Speal and others at the links below do it right.

Click, listen, watch and learn how to play these cool little gits! There’s even one “for dummies”… if I can play it you can too.


And as always, thanks for stopping by. -Glenn

2 thoughts on “HOW to Play CigarBox Guitar??

    1. Thanks Jim, kind of you. Well truth is I would have a hard time remembering all that as I did not write the details down per each song… I used some 7 and maybe 8 different cigarbox guitars. There were a good number of songs that we finished and liked yet chose not to include on that project so that further complicates details in my pea-brain:) Don’t actually recall which 6 string acoustics I used on the two songs where I used them!:) Next time around I’ll try to write all that info. to make available for folks wanting to know. Again, thanks and sorry! -Glenn

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