Low-End Guitar

LowEndDiddleyBowThere are some (imho) very cool guitars over at http://www.cigarboxnation.com and I often get a cool laugh considering some of the “low” or “lo-fi” and such names of biz monikers some of the builders have taken to.

But I suspect the Dumpster Divers Union group at cbn would like this git I am in the process of building between my dish-washing, house-chores and Christmas decorating today.

I have two to build for friends but they will take time to get right. This puppy takes about an hour of goof time and and another 20 mins. for the piezo pickup and 1/4 inch input to be soldered and added.

If you build or care about cigarbox gits, basses and such, maybe you have even checked into guitar history online as I have. What often amazes me is how poor people the world over come up with ingenious ways to make music out of trash.

For example, I have often found in my studies that all over Africa people not only use gas or oil cans, turtle shells or the old burnt-out/hollowed wood (think round or rounded rectangular wooden bowl shapes) for a guitar body and discarded broom or mop handles for the neck, but also junked brake wires for strings.

Of course for nylon strings (or if no discarded brake wire is available) monofilament fishing line works great as well.

But as the guys are re-doing our main dining room I noticed some very new tossed-out multi-strand wire sitting in a garbage can last night.

Yes indeed, if one is only going to use a slide of some sort, wound wire cut to length using an eyebolt tuner can work quite well. And will NEVER break due to the strength -especially the 7 stranded multi-wire (7 feet long no less!) that I found 6 of.

So of course I had to make a diddley bow (1 stringer) with a pretty box I had lying around.

This wire is quite impressive in that it is tightly wrapped and twisted, 7 individual lengths each containing 7 appx. .010 wires then all twisted together.49WrapsSteelWire If you are a guitarist or bass player, think the completed size of a “D” bass string with a total of 49 very small steel wires all wrapped within.

I used an old neck I had drilled to make a 2 stringer… so now I have an extra hole for the cord “strap”, heh!headstock

Now to put a pickup on this little monster!


As always, thanks for stopping by. -Glenn


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