My Weekend Just Passed

MemEntranceMy Father-in-law’s memorial service, Kenosha Public Museum Cigarbox Guitar WorkshopKenoshaMuseumPic, Wilson Abbey Sun. Service and Heartfelt Crafts with a Conscience gig. In other words, I “was just sittin’ around eatin’ bon-bons” (not!) as our friend Peggy Howard would say!

Whew. But all good.

Curt is home with his beloved Dawn- and they are worshiping the Risen Jesus as I type. It was a very special memorial service with a full house of family, friends and amazing stories, music and many pics celebrating a dear, dear man.CurtMemCurtMem2CurtMem3CurtMem4

I then got up early, packed the car and up to Wisconsin. What a fun and cool group of peeps. They seemed to track with me on the lecture portion and then we got to work building 1, 2 and 3 string slide gits. It was just a blast. Afterward I took a quick look at this amazing museum and in particular what my part of the main exhibit was part of: KposterGKkcbgKGitDisplayLesPaulLogGitCollectForVetsAtMuseumThatDayOnTheWayFinishedUp

Then I was asked to lead worship at Wilson Abbey, Ed and Roy as usual, made it a treat. Great word from Andrea on the day too!

Then Sun. afternoon the W.A. auditorium hosted some crafty folks offering all sorts of cool stuff. Wendi brought her handknits, I brought some cigarbox guitars, built a couple and brought a set of blues on a few of them. We had several other artists, sweet music and 15 percent of all sales went to Cornerstone Community Outreach, one of the largest homeless shelters on Chicago’s north side. Very cool indeed.

Last night was blessed to do another Cook County Jail set along with several good friends, one of my cigarbox gits and a harmonica.

For my Lord, amazing wife, family, so many friends, I give thanks! And for a full, productive weekend.

May you and yours experience Thanksgiving (here in the U.S.) as one of peace and with gratitude for every good gift and grace.

As always, thanks for stopping by! -Glenn

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