Until We Meet Again: Curt

Most know I’m a man of many words.

My dear father-in-law Curt Mortimer -one of my best friends, mentors and examples of kindness was not.

Today He went for a walk and quietly passed on to Jesus, his dear wife Dawn, a son whom he had lost to disease many years ago and to others he loved deeply and well. He left a large family behind who adored and shall ever adore him.curtnovember2016

Curt was an incredibly gifted educator and poet. Being wise, deeply thoughtful, economical, humble, even shy he yet served and was a friend and patient counselor to many people.

Curt loved to laugh, like most folks (me too) from Wisconsin loved cheese and the outdoors and of course the Packers 🙂 Most of all he loved Jesus and people.

He was truly one of the kindest people I have ever known.

Here are two photos I took, one just four days ago at table in our Garden Room at JPUSA in Chicago, the other from one of our frequent trips to the woods, this time near Monee, Illinois only two weeks past.CurtInWoodsNearMonee

He inspired me and continues to… and I could not be more certain we will be together before the Lord in God’s good timing.

For now, goodbye my precious, amazing friend!


6 thoughts on “Until We Meet Again: Curt

  1. Dear Glenn and Wendi, thank you for your precious thoughts. They “trump” the news, election results and the world must stop and recognize a quiet servant who has been coronated into Jesus’ glory in heaven. He ran his race well. Both of you are a great inspiration to me. I love you and will be praying for you today!

    1. I sure enough love and appreciate you Jeff, thanks so much! Here we have no continuing city but seek one to come. Absolutely. What a gift he was and remains. You have my prayers out there in a land of droughts, wildfires, floods, earthquakes -and that’s just the spiritual stuff… ha!! Love you Jeff. Hey, Curt has perhaps met Pastor Chuck by now 🙂 -Glenn

  2. Glenn and Wendy, I send my heartfelt condolences for your loss of a man I never had the privilege to meet. Katherine told me about his passing and said he was a very kind man. I think that he would have had to be! Love and many hugs to all who will miss him.

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