New/Old Drug- New November Benefit Show in Ohio

In my addiction days I saw little meth as in my area at the time it was expensive and scarce. Heroin was around but for me just dusted in joints (marijuana) on occasion. I was right at the point of needles and shooting H when I encountered the risen Christ. That’s how I planned to finish my life actually, just running heroin until it was over. His love was right on time.

Fast-forward to 2016 where entire small rural towns are pretty well doing an industry, first with meth labs and now surpassing that, heroin. Often a little blue pill around $2.50 a pop. No needles, tracks on arms, simple. Local cops often avoid these places preferring to not get shot in the back. Lacking jobs, going for quick money -and can America face this fact (remember, RURAL and not merely big cities…) ?? : if there were not a market of white folk with money ready to purchase, the “industry” wouldn’t exist anywhere near what it is.

In the past couple months I learned about two such towns in Illinois. There are plenty more across the U.S.. Hey, it’s “just business”. Money. Food on the table. A “living” before it becomes a dying. Plenty poor folks also get handouts from local dealers ala Al Capone back in early 20th century Chicago. What’s to not understand about all this?

So- I have been invited to play a set in Bucyrus, Ohio where the misery exacted by such addiction is also acute. One of the bros. doing this event works at a solid rehab in Florida but lived and graduated high school in this part of Ohio. They are seeing great results, especially re. addicted kids. If you can help with money or other support, please do so, and hope to see some of you at this event!!


I am SOOOO thankful God delivered me when He did.

As always, thanks for stopping by. -Glenn


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