Champaign,IL & Hudson,WI Report

As usual Phil Keaggy was A-MA-ZING. He’s as sweet a bro as he is talented and that’s saying something. Blessed to call him a friend.

The audience response to my set was frankly astonishing, so very kind. Then Phil and truly gifted bandmates popped up on stage hugging me as myself and local crew cleared it so I could get off to Chicago for early morning trip up near Twin Cities (Sat-Sun gigs), the audience goes nuts as I turn around and Phil is onstage smiling, hugs me and is wearing: markhootmanphilkeaggy

Mark Hootman (on the left here w. Phil) is a longtime friend who is himself a guitarist and -genius- photographer.


So Roy (GKB bass, brilliant sound-tech, driver and most of all longtime friend), Aracely and Adri (“Hallel”) and I headed up nort’.

If you ever wondered, the people are/were SO sweet, the brats and cheese killer good and yes, da Kaiz LOVES autumn: NearHudsonWI



Kudos to Tim and Debbie Briggs, gifts to us and the Hudson area!

My dear friends Hallel ( were excellent, their set and working together Sun. a.m.. Really had a great and safe trip.

Now off for 2 days with my Wendi after a bit of work at home today.

Sunday we drive down to Metamora, Illinois area for a 35th anniversary celebration/gig for friends. I’m rehearsing some love songs this week…

So if you’re in the U.S., especially in the north, get out and enjoy the autumn colors and cool weather if you can!

As always, thanks for stopping by 🙂 -Glenn

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