GK Prisons Tour, Dulcitar, Solo Blues Update

Several things…

Next up (snipped from their website at Faith UMC) Thurs. Oct. 13:
“Phil Keaggy is Returning to Faith!!


Phil and his band will be performing in concert on October 14th at 7pm

Special guest will be outstanding Chicago blues musician and community servant, Glenn Kaiser . https://gkaiser.wordpress.com/

This concert will benefit Champaign’s Daily Bread Soup Kitchen http://dailybreadsoupkitchen.com/.”

Then Sat. & Sun. Oct. 15 & 16:

Glenn Kaiser Solo
Saturday, October 15 @ 6:00 PMSat, Oct 15 @ 6:00 PM
Heartland Festival @ Christ Center AoG, 810 Northview Dr. , Hudson, WI 54016

Glenn will perform solo blues at the Harvest Festival at Christ Center in Hudson, WI (810 Northview Dr.) on Sat. Oct. 15 at 6:00 PM. “Featuring: carnival games, musicians: Glenn Kaiser, Aracely (Hallel), & Joshue Bock, a mini farmer’s market, a cake walk, ministry booths, vendors and much more. Fun for the whole family!” For more information:  Web: https://ccaghudson.radiantwebtools.com/
Phone: 715.386.5441

So I just returned from two amazing coffeehouse shows at Joe’s Java and Brumby’s (Wilmington and Bellville, Ohio), then did several prison sets including death row in Ohio.

I can tell you I am always moved deeply by chaplains work, my own and others- such as by my friend John McClure who has served in that capacity for years all over Ohio. My friend “Rev. Blues” (Kirk Stamper) also shares the calling -and blew sweet harp as usual. What a tour!

Now looking very forward to this weekend’s shows in Champaign, IL, and Sat-Sun up in Hudson in the state I was born and raised (Wisconsin).

Monday I go to Division 2 at Cook County Jail again.

Let me tell you I have long had a strong sense of calling and care for people who end up in jail or prison and one of the joys in my life is bringing music and message to people behind bars. They end up there for a -lot- of reasons and in the end, the worst prison is the one we are each capable of building. The one’s others help us create aren’t any better, but I do know far too many people are locked up and need the ever-illusive freedom that makes life worth living.

I do what I can to help them find it- and not only in the spiritual sense but in practical terms. I love working with others who also “get it” and also have heart to care for the incarcerated. They are often the most forgotten people in our nation.

On a much lighter note, it’s been a loooong time since I spent loot at a music gear store but I found one of these and immediately began writing songs on it. Really inspired me. I have long played dulcimer and have access to both 4 and 6 string dulcimers -but this dulcitar by Canada’s (I love Canada!) Seagull. It’s a Merlin or now, M4, it’s pristine and seriously inspiring to play and write with! “Dulcitar” is what most folks call a dulcimer-fretted patterned instrument you play holding upright as per a normal guitar. Mine’s the one you see here, they also have a spruce top model but I liked the mahogany best.

Sure, I could have built one with a cigarbox and perhaps will someday, but to get the frets correct and intonation perfect, let’s just say Seagull did it for me. Very impressed!


Seagull Merlin M4 Travel Acoustic Guitar, Mahogany, Full Straight ...

Ok, off to do laundry 🙂 !

Hope to see some of you on tour.

Oh, I should mention I’ve several articles ready to publish here and will drop them in along and along over the next few weeks along with tour updates.

As always, thanks for stopping by! -Glenn

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